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Our products have a unique style of excellence in craftsmanship. With professional designers to create improved design, our products are made of environmentally-friendly and natural materials, beautiful, atmospheric and realistic. Dongguan Jinchen Arts & Crafts Co., Ltd. is a collection of r & d, design, production, installation one-stop service enterprise. Main artificial plants, simulation trees, such as fiberglass algae tree, coconut tree, pine needles, areca tree, Hawaii tree, cherry tree, peach tree and so on. Simulation plant wall, garden rockery project real estate greening flower soft decoration project. There are artificial flowers, bonsai, succulent and so on.
Our products have a unique style of excellence process. With professional designers to create improved design, can be customized with your samples to design a perfect effect for you to experience different styles of space experience. Our products are made of environmental friendly natural materials, beautiful and beautiful.
We are a professional production service domestic and export high-end market, export a series of high-end indoor and outdoor simulation green plants.We have been working hard in the innovation of more unique products dedicated to friends at home and abroad,welcome to the drawing and sample customization. We have been wholeheartedly serving every customer, your satisfaction is our pursuit
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